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HP Indigo 7r Digital Press

Highly productive and cost effective

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The HP Indigo 7r is a productive and trustworthy HP Indigo press—the result of a carefully crafted and executed reconditioning process. It offers the same offset matching print quality and high productivity as the HP Indigo 7000 series, and it can produce a variety of high-value applications.

A meticulous process

During reconditioning, the HP Indigo 7r undergoes an extensive parts replacement and testing process. The press achieves print quality equivalent to a newly manufactured press and comes with a factory warranty.

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HP Indigo WS6800p Digital Press specifications

Print speed:
Up to 160 pages per minute

Paper size maximum:
33 x 48 cm (13 x 19 in) maximum sheet size

Colors supported standard:
Up to seven-color support

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