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HP Indigo 7900 Digital Print Press

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The world’s most popular digital production A3+ press is raising the bar even higher.¹ The HP Indigo 7900 offers major innovations in print quality, application range, and productivity, as well as breakthrough priming technology and color matching capabilities.

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HP Indigo 7900 Digital Press specifications - CA315A

Print speed:
120 four-colour A4 in pages per minute (two-up); 160 A4 in colour pages per minute in EPM (two-up); 240 two-colour or monochrome A4 in pages per minute (two-up)

Print quality color (best):
812 and 1219 dpi at 8-bit; Addressability: 2438 X 2438 dpi HDI (High Definition Imaging)

Media thickness:
70 to 400 microns

Colors supported standard:
  • Cyan, magenta, yellow, black
  • HP IndiChrome Plus 7-colour printing (adding orange, violet and green)
  • Up to 7 ink stations for the extended colour gamut, including HP Indigo ElectroInk Light black, light cyan, light magenta, white, transparent, invisible red, fluorescent pink and digital matte

Print speed four color:
120 four-colour pages per minute (two-up); 160 colour pages per minute in EPM (two-up); 240 two-colour or monochrome pages per minute (two-up)

Screening technology:
144, 160, 175, 180, 180m, 210, HMF200 lpi

Dimensions (W x D x H)
5443 x 2299 x 2103 mm

3311 kg

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